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Ann Matika:

 Ann is a native of Norfolk and graduated Old Dominion University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Dental Hygiene. In 1983 she received her Masters of Science degree. Ann has 2 years of clinical teaching experience along with serving in private practice for 18 years. She started A&A Pro-Den-Temps Inc. in 1994.


Rich Matika:

 Rich is also a Norfolk native and graduated University of Virginia in 1972 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. In 1976 he receive his Masters of Science Technology and Management degree from The American University. After spending years as a programmer, instructor and consultant in the Information and Technology business he joined A&A in 2005.

A&A specializes in providing the right professional for your temporary or full time positions. We are dedicated to providing custom solutions with on-time delivery and guaranteed results.

  • Each of our professional associates is pre-screened and goes through a thorough interviewing process before going to your office.

  • We require that all dental practices sign a contract that sets a foundation for business. The contract does not cost you a penny and does not require that you do any business.

  • We require that all dental staff signs a contract that helps us to maintain our business and helps you to achieve your goals as a temporary or permanent employee.

  • A&A publishes a standard fee schedule for the front office, assistant, hygiene, and dentist. The hourly rate may vary downward if you do a certain amount of business, or vary upward if you are located more than a 1 hour drive away.

  • We require a 4 hour daily minimum.

  • Appreciates a 24 hour cancellation notice.

  • A&A is compensated for arranging temporary or permanent employment for satisfied customers.

  • We strive to use only highly qualified personnel, and calls or offers comment cards for your professional evaluations, and preferences.


........We have been working with you since 2002 to help with our staffing needs both temporary and long term and continue to be pleased with your services. The assistants and Hygienists are always professional and your office staff is friendly, efficient and dependable. You have really been there in a pinch.

........Our office has utilized the services of A&A Temporary Services for several years. It has been an excellent working relationship for our dental practice. They have always provided us with prompt service in meeting our staffing needs. The temporary staff are highly qualified and adapt to various working situations they are placed in.

.......Pro Den Temps has worked hard to make sure our organizations needs were filled in a timely, courteous and professional manner especially during a period in which the job market was short of qualified, technically skilled dental hygienists.

.......With regard to the personnel that come from A&A, they demonstrate reliability, timeliness and flexibility especially in terms of traveling to each of our offices. In addition they show great respect to both our patients and our current employees.